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When you say it, I hear it.

a love that you can't express

Some entries are f-locked, but I'm always happy to make new friends. Feel free to add me, but please comment on the banner post to let me know why you want to be friends. My current fandoms are X-Men (mostly movieverse), hockey and The Mighty Boosh (and its associates). I'm also reading in Inception, Sherlock (BBC), Harry Potter, and Star Trek XI. I watch a lot of tv; it's probably too much to list here, tbh. ETA: If you are someone I know IRL and are not in fandom (with a few exceptions; you know who you are), I respectfully ask that you redirect your attention here and away from this journal.

I am left of centre. I am pro-choice, always. I support Israel's right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state, but never at the expense of Palestinian civilians' human rights. I am queer and support queer rights. I am a feminist.
I am an Ashkenazi Jew; my culture is very important to me. I am agnostic on some days, and very much a theist on others. I will respect your religious beliefs (or lack thereof) unequivocally, so long as you afford me the same courtesy.

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